Day 1

Established in 1983, the Newport Playhouse, a family operated business, has been a favorite with locals and tourists ever since it opened.

Enjoy a very unique experience where you will have a buffet lunch, then enter into their theatre to see “Saving Grace,” followed by a fun-filled Cabaret.

This is a Zany tale about Grace, a warmhearted girl who mistakes a telephone repairman for a burglar and then tries to convert him from his life of crime. Enter her strait-laced sister Harriet, and Grace has to pretend the repairman is her husband. Misunderstandings abound in this fast-moving farce that will leave you cheering in the end.

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Newport Playhouse
Saving Grace Show

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Thu December 6, 2018 - Thu December 6, 2018
12/6/2018 - 12/6/2018
  • 388 Pleasant St, Southington CT
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