Travel Tip Tuesday | Don't Buy These at the Airport

Four Things You Should Never Buy at an Airport

In general, airports are expensive, we all know this. After all, airports have a captive audience so to speak and heading the markup list is food and parking.  If you plan on making a purchase at an airport it is best to do some research before heading out, especially if you want to purchase one or more of the following items at the airport.

What not to buy at the airport.


Just because something is duty-free doesn’t mean it is less expensive or that you are sure to get a good buy.  On the other hand, if you live in a state with high taxes on liquor or tobacco you may be able to save a few bucks.  Do your research and compare local and online pricing with the pricing of cosmetics, electronic goods, luxury items, and liquor costs before buying these items at the airport.

Foreign Currency

Airports are full of currency exchange desks and often offer their services to travelers with mile high transaction fees.  As a rule of thumb, the airport is not the best place to exchange your money.  One way around this is to keep your eyes peeled for an ATM in your destination where you are most likely to get the best interbank exchange rate.  And, before leaving home, make sure you notify your bank that you are leaving the country.

Water Bottles

Bring a collapsible water bottle that you can fill up in a water fountain and save yourself $3 or more for the bottle of water that you are buying at the airport.  There are a lot of collapsible water bottles on the market from the Vapur Flexible to the Mainri soft water bottle that ranges in price from $7 - $16.


Don’t leave behind that last gift or souvenir item in your destination, make sure you pick it up and pack it for your flight home.  Airport souvenirs are always marked up and usually not of the same quality that you will find at your destination.  Many airport trinkets are not original.  If you plan on buying souvenirs at the airport, try to do some research ahead to see if the airport offers some original and unique items to buy upon your departure.