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Travel Tip Tuesday - Five Packing Tips for a Summer Day Trip in New England

One of the best things about taking a day trip with Tours of Distinction is that you don’t have to take any luggage. This summer Tours of Distinction is offering so many day trip destinations from magnificent Maine to the contrasts of Connecticut, in addition, to the royal mansions of Rhode Island, plus upstate New York, Massachusetts and many other nearby destinations. Tour options offer a trip for anyone thinking about a day away. To “gear-up” for your day away check out our tips on what to take.


Lighten Up
If you carry a pocketbook, before leaving home, lighten the load. Check your bag for the items that you really don’t need.

Make a Packing List of Essentials
This list should include medications that you take during the day as well as aspirin, band-aids, glasses, sunglasses, tissues, antacids, travel size sunscreen, and hand sanitizer.  And, of course, never forget your keys and wallet.

Consider the Size
After you have thought about the above two tips, think about the size of the bag you need.

Neck or Back Pillow
If you suffer from low back pain or neck trouble, make sure to bring a neck or back pillow to stop any problems before they start – you can always leave them on our motor-coach while you tour sites and attractions.

Weather Related Items
Layering is always important when you travel, even in the summer, you can catch a chill. A light jacket, sweater, or shawl can keep you comfortable if the air conditioning is too high.

Summer and Sunscreen
Never forget your sunscreen, many brands make travel sizes that are a breeze to carry. And, check to see if it is rainy, if it is, then you should consider bringing a small umbrella - if you don’t need it, leave it on the motor-coach.

Water & Snacks
Wherever you are headed it is always a good idea to bring water and snacks it is a way to keep hydrated and, make friends!