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Travel Tip Tuesday | Travel Etiquette in the South

The Top 5 Things to do When Traveling in the Deep South

America’s Deep South has its own culture, food, climate, and traditions making it one of the most interesting destinations in the country. The Deep South, has developed its own regional idiosyncrasies, just like many of the other parts of the country have. If you are planning a visit to the Deep South, here are five things that you should keep in mind when visiting this region of the USA. Southerners take pride in manners and so should you!  

Mind your manners in the South.

1. Be Courteous

Here people still say “Sir” and “Ma’am” and mean it sincerely. Never forget to say please and thank you - “genteel” is ingrained in the Deep South… and, a ma’am or sir is not bad to throw-in either. 

2.  Don’t Count Calories 

The food in the South is decadent, so expect to splurge! Please forget gluten-free, vegan, and calories! The Deep South is all about gumbo, grits, and to be honest, they fry just about everything… our bet is that you will have the best-fried okra, chicken, and catfish on the planet!

3. Take Your Time 

Never talk too fast  - the Deep South is all about the tempo of speech and the way people approach you. Just go with the flow… enjoy the drawl! And, if you don’t understand, just say, “bless me can you please say that again?” To get the most out of your time in the South, take your time and most of all, enjoy!

4. Be Friendly 

Most folks that visit the South comment on how friendly the people are. Southerners enjoy small talk and consider it neighborly. They generally say hi on the street and sometimes introduce themselves when appropriate and start a conversation, so don’t be afraid, open up, and partake in a bit of southern hospitality. In short, practice common courtesy; simply treat people the way you want to be treated. This is a good rule of thumb for travel anywhere in the world!

5. Stay Cool 

Manners are prized in the South and losing your cool and throwing a temper tantrum in public is frowned on. In most cases, it causes embarrassment and doesn’t solve anything. Remember your manners no matter what situation you are in. If you need to deal with a situation, do it privately and politely.

Although these tips may seem a little outdated or common sense, you will be surprised how often you will encounter them in this region of the country.  If you want to blend into the South without standing out like a tourist, then keep these etiquette tips in mind.