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Travel Tip Tuesday | Theft at Airport Security

Watch Your Stuff When Going Through Security

Whenever we go through a security checkpoint at the airport, we try to keep our eyes on our luggage at all times because that is where we stash our valuables.  Theft at security checkpoints continues to be reported around the world. While it is not the most common type of theft when traveling, it can be devastating because it typically includes the theft of money, wallets, watches, and other valuables.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Stuff!
Keep Your Eyes on Your Stuff!

We have a few suggestions on how to prevent theft at Security Checkpoints to keep in mind when going through the line. 

1) Leave the fancy stuff @ home! 

Never wear your most expensive watch or flashy jewelry and accessories. Leave them in your safety deposit box at home just be on the safe side.

2) Don’t tempt fate! 

Put your cell phone, wallet, keys, and other loose items in your pocketbook or in your carry-on. Never place them in the bin on their own, making them a target for thieves. 

3) Zip It Up!  

As an extra precaution, put your most important valuables like your watch, wallet/money, and cell phone in a zippered compartment in your carry-on or pocketbook making it that much harder for someone to snatch it.

4) Wait It Out! 

When in line push your bags through the scanner personally before walking through the metal detector. Never walk through the metal detector before your bags go through the scanner. If a screener wants to move you, insist that you be allowed to watch your stuff enter the scanner. 

5) Label Everything

If you are bringing a laptop, make a sticker with your name, address, and phone number on it and put it on your laptop. Make sure luggage tags are on your pocketbook and carry-on as well. If you forget to pick up one of your items on the conveyer belt, having your name on the forgotten item makes it easier for TSA agents to have you paged. It also makes identifying your forgotten item easier.

6) Stay Ahead of Your Luggage

The best option is to try to stay ahead of your luggage as it makes its way out of the scanner, which is one reason why you wait until it starts to go through the X-ray machine. If you are behind your luggage and not around when it comes out of the X-ray machine it makes it a target for theft…or for someone to accidentally pick it up.

At the end of the day, as this is not the most common theft, it is one that can definitely be annoying. The best option is to make sure to keep your eyes on your luggage and make sure your valuables are zipped up and hard to access as they move through the security belt.