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Travel Tips - The Magic of Bubble Wrap

Travel Tip Tuesday

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap was developed in 1957 when two engineers sealed two shower curtains together creating air bubbles. Their first idea was to sell this look as wallpaper! Bubble wallpaper never caught on but the usefulness of this material in regards to packing did.

Bubble Wrap!If you are a shopper and end up purchasing a lot of souvenirs, make sure you bring along some bubble wrap to protect your purchases. Using bubble wrap offers much better protection than trying to pack your fragile finds in your clothes. And, if you bring too much of it, pass it on to the concierge who may give it to someone that might not have brought this handy item along. Bubble wrap is also useful for those very fragile treasures that you hand carry in your luggage.

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In addition to bringing bubble wrap along, you might also want to pack some duct tape to hold the packaging together.


If you forget to pack your bubble wrap, the next best thing is to wrap your fragile item in is a newspaper. After wrapping it in newspaper, cushion your treasure in soft cottony things like tee shirts, socks or towels. When packing this way, it is best to pack your fragile item in the center of the suitcase and surround it with clothes to cushion it. Additionally, it a good idea to crumple up wads of newspaper around the object in order to better absorb the impact of a dropped or thrown suitcase.

SuitcasePro Tip: Packing Pressure

One mistake that many travelers make is to pack the item too tight, which adds pressure to it. Packing should be tight but not restrictive. It is also notable that a hard shell suitcase absorbs the energy that comes from a dropped or thrown suitcase better than a soft suitcase.

At the end of the day, the absolute best way to ensure that your fragile item makes it safely home is to hand carry it in your luggage!

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