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Travel Tip Tuesday | The FLORIADE Exposition

Tips to Make the Most of Your Time at the FLORIADE 

The FLORIADE Horticultural Exposition is a once-in-a-decade flower and sustainable living expo with more than 400 global participants. It is a living laboratory with great examples from green living and beyond that make cities more enjoyable and livable. In order to make the most of your time at this incredible floral exhibition and to get the most out of it, we have put together the following travel tips for your visit to the FLORIADE Expo.

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1) Download the Map

On the website of the Expo Floriade 2022, there will be a downloadable map on the website that will help you with navigating this massive Expo floor plan.

2) Take the Cable Car

The best way to get the lay-of-the land and to figure out what you want to see, take the cable car ride. Your entrance ticket includes a single ride in the cable car that provides a beautiful view over Floriade Park. You can get on the cable car at the south side of the park for an 850-meter ride to the north side of the park, or you can make the trip in the opposite direction, the choice is yours. This is a great opportunity to take in the views and to take a selfie!

3) Head to the Arboretum

Don’t miss the arboretum that features an alphabetically organized tree and plant encyclopedia that you can walkthrough. Here you will discover which trees and plants could be used to make cities greener and what roles they would play.

4) Pick Your Pavilions

At the Expo, you can visit over 40 pavilions where different countries show their culture, plants, flowers, and local innovations. You may not have time to visit all 40 so do your homework in advance and create a list of the pavilions that most interest you.

5) Explore Amsterdam-Almere

Save time for the display called The Voice of Urban Nature, Almere to experience a green city of the future and how it will interact with nature. Learn how homes can be built from bio-based materials. See the floating forest of Dutch Elm trees and listen to the story of the value of trees in the city.

6) See the Art Pavilion Flevoland

The Art Pavilion showcases a fusion of architecture, art, and nature with indoor and outdoor programming. This pavilion is a testing ground for a new art museum that will consist of a harbor, stage, and observatory. Plans are in place to build this in Almere in the next five to ten years.

7) Check the Website

The website will have a listing of daily theater and music programs, so make sure you know what is being offered on the day that you will be visiting. There will also be a listing of food vendors and programing.

Floriade 2022 is sure to be a spectacular event. After all, it has taken the organizers ten years to plan it. This event provides attendees the experience of seeing different cultures and being a small part of history as each Floriade is unique to itself.