Sustainable Motor-Coach Travel with Tours of Distinction

Today there seems to be an ever-growing focus on what it means to be an environmentally responsible tour company and traveler. We all know that taking a trip has some impact on the environment, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip your next vacation. When Tours of Distinction puts together a trip, we always keep the environment in mind by organizing journeys to help us leave a lighter footprint behind.


There are lots of ways to travel in a more socially responsible way which is why we organize small group tours and use local guides. We know that small group travel of no more than 12 to 25 people leaves a lighter footprint on the destination that we are visiting. We also know that local guides bring a richness and spontaneity to the trip while leaving a positive impact, socially and economically on the destination. The professional tour director that accompanies every tour and the local guides help to ensure that travelers will have meaningful interactions with local people.


Another way Tours of Distinction leaves a lighter footprint is by offering many tours using a motor-coach. According to a 2017 Motor-coach census, the American Bus Association found that motor-coach travel remains one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation in the United States. The reason is simple, motor-coaches can transport the greatest number of people from one place to another with the highest fuel efficiency. The ABA census found that ”In 2017, the average fuel efficiency of a motor-coach was 6.4 miles per gallon of fuel. With this fuel efficiency, a motor-coach carrying the industry average of 43.7 passengers achieved 280.1 passenger miles per gallon of fuel in 2017.” We are proud partners with DATTCO.


Green travel is not a passing trend. A recent TripAdvisor study found that nearly two-thirds of travelers plan to make a more environmentally sound travel choice this year over last year. At Tours of Distinction, we continue to organize trips that leave a lighter footprint on the destination and have a positive effect on the communities and attractions that we visit because we believe in sustainable travel, and we know our clients do too.