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Five Top Places for Solo Female Travel

One of the most common reasons why women don’t travel is because they worry about traveling alone, even in regards to group travel. There are worries about being bored and safety. All this is changing according to Google. Searches for solo travel for women is on the rise and has hit an all-time peak of 100 million Google searches this year. The Travel Industry Association said that 32 million women travel alone each year. And, tour operators like Tours of Distinction have seen an uptick in requests for women traveling solo and for group travel that is solo travel-friendly.  


Traveling solo is a way to unwind and to immerse yourself in another way of life without having to think about anyone but yourself. This type of travel can be rewarding because it gives you complete and utter freedom, there is no compromise and no debating with others; it is essentially being selfish without it being a bad thing! As a solo traveler, you are apt to be more open to talking and connecting with people living in the destination that you are visiting. Just think of all the amazing people you can meet and learn from as a solo traveler.


The Wander Woman’s Index reviews some of the best places for solo female travel on a variety of factors in order to rank and assess what destinations are best suited for solo travel for women. Some of the factors that were considered include safety, women’s rights, culture, scenery, adventure, and culinary, all factors women claimed were important to them. The following are five highly rated destinations for solo women travelers.



Japan was the highest scoring country on the Wander Woman Index list not only because of its’ incredible scenery but also because it has a very low crime rate. There is so much to do and see in Japan from exploring fast-paced cities to meditating in time mellowed Buddhist temples.



The destination that ranked second on the Wander Woman’s list was France because of its high score on women’s rights and amazing culture. ToD is offering a cruise on the Hidden Canals of the Loire Valley that is solo travel-friendly. This tour allows travelers to leave the group and cycle along historic canals at their own pace. Paris is another favorite in France. It is an extremely walkable city that is ideal for women to explore on their own. The ToD tour offers a day and a half on your own in Paris before setting out for the Loire Valley, making a great solo travel option. For tour details click here.



Spain ranks third on this list because it ranks high for its culture, amazing art, and culinary scene. Tours of Distinction’s Spain History to Heart is a solo friendly tour that offers plenty of time to explore this legendary country on your own. Barcelona is fairly simple to navigate, the food is excellent the cultural attractions are amazing. For tour details, click here.



It is not a surprise that Italy comes in at number four on this list. Rome is on the bucket list for so many travelers including solo women travelers. Italy ranks high not only in its culture but on its world-renowned artwork found throughout the city. Italians tend to speak English and are warm and friendly people making it easy for solo women travelers to socialize. Tuscany also ranks high with solo women travelers. This destination has been popularized by books such as “Return to Glow: A Pilgrimage of Transformation in Italy.”  



According to internet searches, Iceland is ranked high by many solo travelers because it is not only considered safe but also friendly. Iceland ranks high for an abundance of natural wonders from glaciers and volcanoes to pools of bubbling mud to the surreal Blue Lagoon. The capital city is easy to navigate with a myriad of interesting shops, cafes, and restaurants. A favorite time for solo travel is in the summer when there are almost 24 hours of daylight. ToD Iceland Inspired tour offers a variety of solo-friendly options to explore this fascinating destination on your own. For details click here.


Solo travel gives you as much as you put into it. Be confident, be well prepared and be safe - use your street smarts. And, always remember, a smile can go a long way in helping you meet like-minded travelers and locals that make your destination of choice their home. Tours of Distinction is happy to help you choose the right destination and help you customize your solo friendly tour. For more information, click here.