River Cruises with Friends and Family

Why River Cruising is Popular

If you are looking to get away from the ocean liner crowd and want a new and different destination experience in a luxurious, intimate setting, with one price tag, river cruising could be for you.


Current travel trends show that people like to spend their travel dollars on authentic experiences and, as a result, the popularity of river cruising is continuing to grow. According to the latest Travel Agent Cruise Industry Outlook Report, river cruises are currently one of the hottest trends in the travel industry. It is easy to see why. In a nutshell, they offer the unique luxury of beating the crowds, and the ability to explore places off the beaten path. And, best of all, the countryside is always nearby if you want to sit back and just take in the view.


The beauty of riverboat travel, especially in Europe, is that these small luxury vessels can glide through narrow canals and shallow waterways. Best of all, they are able to dock at undiscovered and uncrowded ports of call that large cruise ships can never access. 


On a river cruise, passengers stop at new ports daily and have an itinerary full of unique attractions to discover, on their own or with a group. Gliding along a narrow canal, dining on regional cuisine watching pastoral landscapes pass by is a perfect way to take in the beauty that surrounds you before you head out on an exploration. An added benefit of small river cruises is that shipboard experiences tend to educate guests about the local culture, traditions, ecology, wildlife, arts, food and history, making your excursions more meaningful.


A big benefit of river cruising is that for the most part, they are all-inclusive with most food and beverages being included so there is more time to enjoy rather than to plan your vacation. You are able to experience multiple cities, towns, and attractions all under one price tag. Best of all, smaller vessels mean a more exclusive and intimate vacation, with staff focused on a smaller number of guests, and, with the Tours of Distinction’s Professional Tour Guide, you will love the memories that you will make, seamlessly.


Tours of Distinction if offering an exclusive river tour because we know it is one of the most enjoyable and effortless ways to travel. Check out our tour, Cruising the Seine to Normandy departing July 7-15, 2020 and France’s Hidden Canals - Loire Valley departing July 20, 2020.