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Redefining Luxury Travel

Redefining Luxury Travel

There are so many ways to define luxury travel and, at Tours of Distinction, we want to go beyond the usual definitions associated with luxury. To our company, luxury travel is more than five-star dining and booking the most exclusive hotel and most luxurious motor coach, cruise ship or airline. We believe that the foundation of luxury travel is finding out what a group’s travel dreams are and fulfilling them. 


Today travelers are seeking more from their group travel experiences than ever before which is why our travel advisors listen to what our clients are asking for and expecting. Our goal is to provide travelers with the very best group experiences that go beyond the expectations and are within their budget.


When a group comes to us with a general idea of what they want to do we often create a value-added customized package.  Once the package is created, the journey begins with our group leader understanding what each tour entails down to the most minute details. This collaboration between our travel advisors and group leaders assures that an itinerary caters to the interests of people that travel with Tours of Distinction


Luxury to Tours of Distinction is personalizing and customizing group travel for our clients according to their personal interests.  We strive to create experiences in meaningful ways that individuals in “the age of Google” can’t do on their own. We believe that unique experiences are the foundation of distinctive luxury travel that set our small group tours apart. 


On a Tours of Distinction group tour, travelers can expect small intimate group sizes, immersive cultural experiences, exceptional dining, and sightseeing, in addition to comfortable accommodations. Our professional tour directors accompany every tour to ensure that travelers have an unforgettable and seamless travel experience. A hidden benefit is the depth of experience that a group leader offers to travelers because of their inside knowledge of destinations we visit. 


On our upcoming Tour of the Galapagos Islands, clients will experience the fabric of life here with one of a kind experiences such as traditional dining, special yoga sessions on pristine beaches and guided walks in the footsteps of Darwin with a local Naturalist.  


On our Loire Valley Canal Tour in France, travelers will be able to mingle with local people and savor upscale dining experiences while the beautiful French countryside glides by on a very private barge.  


On our Spain to the Heart tour, travelers will have a hands-on cooking class in Valencia and learn how to make the National dish, paella.  


These are just some of the exclusive travel experiences that Tours of Distinction is offering that make our clients part of the places that they visit when they travel with us.