Travel Tip Tuesday | Passenger Support Specialist

What is a Passenger Support Specialist and How to Book One

Any traveler that needs special accommodations or assistance or has concerns about the security screening process should ask  TSA for a Passenger Support Specialist.  This program offers the disabled and those with medical conditions special assistance to help them navigate through the airport as quickly and painlessly as possible. This assistance is also provided to mothers traveling alone with babies and people with broken bones.

It is easy to get in touch with the TSA.

The people that are part of TSA Cares are specially trained TSA officers that take on this additional duty as part of their job. They have been selected because they demonstrate an ability to deal with complex passenger issues and are customer friendly and genuinely helpful. 

Passenger Support Specialists have four hours of training that includes instruction on the civil rights of the disabled and people with medical conditions.  A key emphasis of this training focuses on discretion. 

If you need help, it is best to call the toll free TSA Cares number, 855-787-2227 at least 72 hours before you arrive at the airport in order to coordinate assistance with a TSA Agent. For a video on TSA Passenger Support Specialists click here.

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