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High Altitude Dryness

How to Beat High altitude Dryness

According to a recent report by Travel and Leisure Magazine, there is one inexpensive item travelers should always carry on a flight beside their boarding pass and passport. Surprisingly it isn’t a sanitizer, although they are also highly recommended.


An item that is often overlooked and forgotten when boarding a flight is a moisturizer.  Although you may have packed your favorite moisturizer in your suitcase, don’t forget to bring along a travel sized moisturizer in your carry on. The air in the cabin of an airplane is circulated and is ultra-dry. It can dry out your skin even on short flights because of its low humidity.


You don’t have to spend a million dollars on a carry on travel size moisturizer. Cetaphil, an industry favorite, is readily available at drugstores nationwide for about $3. Cetaphil has received over 135 awards since its’ original formula was developed in 194. Their moisturizers have been popular with doctors, dermatologists, and consumers for years because of the intensely hydrating formula that works well with sensitive skin. Another industry favorite is Neutrogena hydro boost gel creme that sells for about $10.


Whatever you decide to use to hydrate your skin, the advice is to put on your moisturizer when you board and reapply a generous amount as needed. Another important key to keeping hydrated in the air is to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine.