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Is a Wellness Vacation For You?

Traveling to take a break from the daily grind is not a new idea. Due to our busy lives today and the constant presence of social media it is sometimes hard to focus just on yourself. This is where wellness travel comes in. Whether you travel with a small group or if you prefer to travel solo, a wellness trip will give you the opportunity for some serious “me” time. Regardless of whether you want to maintain your healthy routine associated with wellness living or take a break from the stress of daily life, a wellness vacation can be a tonic for the mind, body, and spirit.


Wellness Travel Trends
Recently, wellness travel has started to trend becoming popular with people of all ages and from all walks of life across the globe. This type of traveler seeks destinations that include new health experiences that go above and beyond a spa treatment. The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness tourism “as journeys made by tourists who seek to improve or maintain their well being during or as a result of their trip.” And, this type of travel experience is popular with an estimated 17 million travelers identifying themselves as being “healthy and wellbeing” focused; and with a surprising 40% of those interested in wellness traveling regularly.


What to Expect 

For many folks, the first thing they think of when considering a wellness vacation is a spa treatment, bland meals, lots of restrictions, and luxurious accommodations. Wellness travel has come a long way from that! As the popularity of wellness travel grew so did the variety of activities available to travelers seeking this type of travel experience. The key to a successful wellness vacation is to find the right balance of wellness activities and Tours of Distinction has curated a new wellness retreat that does just that.


Elements of wellness travel provide authentic experiences that put you first helping you feel refreshed and energized. Imagine taking a hike to look for exotic wildlife, practicing yoga on a deserted beach, meditating at sunset, and fresh farm to table meals that tantalize your taste buds, these are all elements of a wellness vacation.  


Wellness travel is about rejuvenating and finding balance in your life. You might learn about a healthier way of eating, collect new recipes, or be inspired by hiking, paddle boarding, biking or yoga. You might even shed a few pounds, although wellness travel is more about the reduction of stress and your overall mental and physical health than it is about losing weight.


The Galapagos Retreat with ToD

Tours of Distinction has made planning a wellness trip easy with the development of a new tour to Ecuador and the fabled Galapagos Islands called the Galapagos Island Retreat that is perfect for small group travel whether you are traveling with friends, as a couple or flying solo.  


The Galapagos Retreat will host no more than 18 people for eight days, from September 23-September 30, 2019, and include fourteen meals. This journey begins in the cosmopolitan city of Quito, Ecuador, home to the Basilica del Voto Nacional, the first UNESCO World Heritage site in the world. For the next five days, the group will explore five Galapagos Islands, practice yoga on the beach, learn about the unique wildlife that makes these islands their home, snorkel, swim, paddle-board and enjoy healthy and fresh local cuisine.  


This tour also offers complimentary airport transfers within 50 miles of the departure airport, a Tours of Distinction Tour Director,  and a certified Yoga Instructor. All gratuities for the Tour Director, Nature Guides and Drivers are included in addition to Galapagos Park entrance fees and all excursions per the detailed itinerary.