How to Eliminate Plastic Use When Traveling

Eliminating plastic while traveling is a responsible and eco-friendly way to help lower your environmental impact. Here are some sustainable tips from Tours of Distinction to help reduce your use of plastic on your next trip. 

1) Pack Reusable Items

  •    Bring a reusable water bottle to refill instead of buying single-use plastic bottles.
  •    Carry a reusable coffee cup or thermos for hot beverages.
  •    Use reusable shopping bags for groceries and souvenirs.

2) Bring Your Own Cutlery and Utensils

  •    Pack a set of reusable cutlery and a straw to avoid using disposable ones when you eat out.

3) Use Cloth Bags or Pouches

  •    Store toiletries, snacks, and other small items in cloth bags or pouches instead of plastic ziplock bags.

4) Opt for Solid Toiletries

  •    Choose solid soap, shampoo bars, and toothpaste tablets to reduce the need for plastic bottles.

5) Refill Toiletries

  •    Use refillable containers for your toiletries, or purchase travel-sized bottles and refill them from larger containers.

6) Choose Eco-Friendly Travel Products

  •    Look for eco-friendly brands that use minimal or recyclable packaging.

7) Avoid Single-Use Plastics

  •    Refuse straws, plastic cutlery, and single-use condiment packets when dining out.

8) Pack Your Snacks

  •    Bring your own snacks in reusable containers or cloth bags to avoid buying snacks in plastic packaging.

9) Purchase Locally

  •    Support local businesses and markets, as they often use less plastic packaging compared to large chain stores.

10) Proper Disposal

  •     If you can’t avoid all plastic, make sure to dispose of it responsibly by recycling when possible.

11) Choose Eco-Friendly Accommodations

  •     Stay in hotels or accommodations that have eco-friendly initiatives and minimize plastic usage.

12) Reduce Souvenir Plastic

  •     Be mindful when buying souvenirs. Choose items made from sustainable materials or those with minimal plastic packaging.

13) Eco-Friendly Transportation

  •     Consider environmentally friendly modes of transportation like trains, buses, or carpooling, which typically have lower plastic waste        compared to airlines.

14) Learn Local Recycling and Waste Practices

  •     Understand how recycling and waste disposal work in the area you are visiting and do your best to follow local guidelines.

15) Spread the Word

  •     Encourage others to reduce plastic waste while traveling by setting a positive example and sharing your experiences.

Remember that reducing plastic waste is a gradual process, and it may not be possible to eliminate it completely. The key is to make a conscious effort to minimize your plastic consumption and be mindful of your environmental impact while traveling.