Girlfriend Getaways Are Good for Your Health!

Although we all love our families, friendship is an important aspect of the way we live and enjoy our lives.  It has been proven that friendship can extend life expectancy, lower chances of heart diseases, and help those in pain tolerate it better. Science has also shown that oxytocin, a feel-good hormone increases when we are with friends; so its no surprise that girlfriend getaways have become a popular bonding experience for women.


A girlfriend getaway is more than just a “vacation” because it allows you to reconnect with your best friends.  It also helps you unwind and discover a part of yourself that may get lost from time to time in the trials and tribulations of daily life. Girl time getaways allow you to put aside everyday cares and to focus on fun with your friends that can range from being pampered at a spa, enjoying the beauty of nature, creating a piece of art, or shopping for a fabulous night out.  

What to Consider 
The best destinations for girlfriend getaways allows you to focus on sharing good times with your gal pals that will create memories that both of you will cherish for years to come.  


When planning a girlfriend getaway you should consider how long the trip should be, what the budget is and if the destination is compatible with your interests.  If you are the organizer a good rule of thumb is not to overwhelm your friends with too many options and to choose trips that encourage camaraderie.  Tours of Distinction has professional Day Tours, Overnight Tours, Land and Sea, and Individual Tour Managers that will help you round up the perfect options to present to your friends.

Girlfriend Getaways - Day Tours
You are bound to have a great time with your pals no matter where you go.  Heather Grimm, the Day Tour Manager for Tours of Distinction has rounded up a few of her favorite destinations for girlfriend getaways. A bonus is that these day trips are a great value and easy on the budget.  


Wicked Tulips departs on April 11 and May 7, 2019, and offers a painting class, lunch at an award-winning restaurant known for their desserts, and a visit to one of the largest tulip farms in the country.  This day trip takes girlfriends to Cranston, Rhode Island where you will start the day creating your very own painted masterpiece on canvas. “This tour has met with rave reviews from past participants. I think it is perfect for girlfriend getaways because there is a lot to be said for the camaraderie and friendly competition when painting with friends.  This creative experience allows girlfriends to bond as they compare and admire each other’s work.  Best of all the paintings from this trip will become a treasured keepsake and reminder of the day away you spent with your girlfriends.”


Riding through the Times celebrates transportation and the maritime beauty of Newport Rhode Island. On this girlfriends getaway you will experience the romance of the rails like never before as you explore historic Aquidneck Island and Narraganset Bay on an open air-rail vehicle. “I think this trip is ideal for a girlfriend getaway because the open rail cars have to be pedaled by you and your gal pal.  This experience empowers and rewards girlfriends as they work together to get from point A to point B. The “power of pedaling” strengthens friendships and is the perfect way to take in the beautiful scenery while catching up on girl talk and gossip!” Riding through the Times departs on July 9 and 11, 2019.  This day trip includes the open air rail car excursion, the Newport Car Museum, and free time to explore all the pleasures of Newport, “America’s first resort.”


Heather’s third girlfriend getaway pick is the popular  Mystery  trip that is filled with fun surprises, mystery destinations and activities, and lots and lots of laughter!  “The one day Mystery Trip planned by Tours of Distinction is for women from every walk of life and is ideal for women with a sense of adventure. What’s more fun than guessing where you’re going and what you’re doing?  This is perfect for Bachelorette parties or other occasions that require elements of surprise, secrecy, fun, and being together.”  

Girlfriend Getaways - Overnight Tours
Sometimes a day away isn’t enough so we asked the Tours of Distinction Overnight Tour Manager, Kim Chipello what multi-day trips are popular for girlfriend getaways. The suggested overnight trips aren’t too far from home, offer a variety of activities, and are easy on the pocketbook.


The romantic charm of the Cape May Classic itinerary that departs May 22-24, 2019 is perfect for girls that love to relax, reminisce and make new memories with their closet friends while exploring gorgeous Victorian architecture and the swoon-worthy shops found here. “This trip is all about leaving routines behind and having fun with your gal pals. The Grand Hotel is the perfect place to catch up on girl talk while being pampered at this elegant seaside hotel.  Its fun to unwind with your friends on the pristine beach and promenade that are just steps away from the hotel. On this trip, there is plenty of time to explore Cape May by trolley and to shop till you drop on Main Street, an experience that will transport you to another time.”


Montreal, Festivals and Fireworks departing July 5-8 is an ideal destination for a girl’s getaway because this excursion offers a perfect blend of history, food, culture, and shopping that you will both remember forever.  For women that like to shop, this vibrant city has more than 1,600 boutiques and, for foodies, more than 200 restaurants.  “I think that music is something that brings people together, especially friends.  This tour has two extraordinary highlights. This tour kicks off with gal pals being treated to a fabulous five-course plated river cruise that marks the first performance of the fireworks festival.  The grand finale of this tour is special reserved seating at the final concert of the 2019 Montreal Jazz Festival, an experience that you will never forget.”


Sounds of the South departing July 6-12 is perfect for girls that want to reconnect on a musical note. Visits to Graceland, the Blues Hall of Fame, and the Rock’nSoul Museum won’t disappoint; you will be talking about this experience for years. This trip balances music, unusual vintage finds, and cocktails with live entertainment. Gals can catch up on gossip and share silly secrets at an authentically recreated Speakeasy at the famous Evan Williams Bourbon Distillery in Louisville.  ” Whether you are on a “just because” girls getaway, a bachelorette party, or even a divorce celebration the cities on this tour - Memphis, Nashville, Louisville, and Lexington will show your friends a grand old time.”


So clear your schedule and pick a Tours of Distinction trip with your besties and enjoy … for your health.  The world awaits!