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Travel Tip Tuesday | Food to Avoid When Traveling

Part of the joy of traveling is food.
Here are some foods to be careful of when on your next trip.

According to a new Reader’s Digest article, there are ten foods to avoid when traveling because they could give you food poisoning. The Disease Control and Prevention Center notes that more than 48 million people get food poisoning a year.  Nothing can ruin your precious vacation time like food poisoning.  So, when you pull out your menu, keep these ten foods in mind, and be careful when ordering them!

Eggs - sunny-side up.

1) Sunny-side up eggs

It is best to cook off the eggs to make sure any dangerous bacteria is cooked off especially if you have a compromised immune system.

2) Rotisserie chicken 

Make sure you eat it right away while it is hot. Don’t eat it if it has been hanging around and is cool.

3) Ground beef, pork or poultry

To eat this safely, the food must be cooked to a minimum of  165 F.  For more safety information click here.

Watch your Sushi.

4) Tuna

Infected fish tastes burnt or peppery, make sure to order from a reputable restaurant.

5) Leafy salads 

Proper washing is essential. Only eat greens that are firm and crisp, and make sure they have no brown or black spots.

6) Sprouts

Contamination starts with this veggie when it starts to sprout and bacteria creeps inside the plant. Your best bet is to eat them cooked or skip them, just to be safe.

7) Potato salad  

Contrary to popular belief, it is the potatoes, not the mayo!  When a potato is cooked and soft it is more accessible to bacteria. Always make sure it is chilled.

Tricky cucumbers.

8) Melons and Cucumbers

These are tricky because in the peeling process the knife can pick up pathogens on the skin being peeled.  Melons and cucumbers should always be scrubbed and dried first before being peeled.

9) Apple Cider

When apples are pressed, any bacteria on the outer skin can get into the juice.  Adults can usually deal with it but kids and the elderly may have an issue.

10) Red Kidney Beans

The issue here is a special red bean lectin which is a protein that is not destroyed by heating.  This lectin can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

We all love our food and it is so much a part of traveling and experiencing destinations and cultures. Don’t be scared to try new things; we just want you to be prepared and know what to look for on your next dining adventure in a foreign land. One of the nice things about an organized escorted tour is the expertise and experience of years relationships with trusted (and delicious) restaurant partners.

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