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Travel Tip Tuesday | Domestic Travel

New Domestic Travel CDC Recommendations

The CDC has recently updated recommendations for fully vaccinated travelers domestically and has also included information for people that are not vaccinated. The CDC has also announced that masks may not be necessary when you are outside. However, some areas may have mandates while out in public so check with the regulations and always practice social distancing.


If you are planning to get a vaccine, make sure that you schedule it at least two weeks before you decide to travel. Fully vaccinated travelers are less likely to get and spread COVID-19 and can travel safely within the United States. In addition, fully vaccinated travelers don’t need to get tested before or after they travel unless the destination requires it and they don’t need to self-quarantine. After travel, you should self-monitor for any symptoms and if you feel like you are developing them you should get tested.

The CDC strongly recommends that fully vaccinated travelers should continue to follow their rules for safe travel that includes wearing a mask covering their nose and mouth, staying six feet away from others, and washing their hands often, or use hand sanitizer. It should be noted that in the United States masks are required on planes, motor-coaches, trains, and other forms of public transportation as well as in transportation hubs like airports and railway stations.


If you are not vaccinated the CDC recommends that you should get a COVID test one to three days before your trip begins. As with people that are fully vaccinated, non-vaccinated travelers should wear their masks, practice six-foot social distancing and wash their hands often or use hand sanitizer. Upon returning home, the CDC recommends that non-vaccinated travelers get tested within three to five days upon their return and self-quarantine for seven days. If you don’t get tested upon your return home, the CDC recommends that you self isolate for ten days after travel. As with fully vaccinated people, non-vaccinated people should also self-monitor and get tested if they develop symptoms.¬†

It is also important to check state, city, and national park rules and regulations before booking a trip in order to learn more about COVID travel restrictions and guidelines in place at your destination. For a CDC US Travel Planner with the latest information click here.