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Travel Tip Tuesday | Carry On Luggage

Why Carry On Luggage Might be Right for You

Traveling light is an art and the benefits of traveling with just one lightweight piece of luggage is amazing.  Traveling light frees up your time and increases your mobility.  It is also a money saver because you don’t have to pay airlines for the privilege of checking your bags.

Organizing what to pack in your carry on bag takes a lot of thought and planning.  Look for a bag that is durable, lightweight, and functional and most importantly one that meets the airline carriers size and weight requirements. Most airlines require a standard carry on bag to be 22 x 14 x 9 inches.  You might want to consider a carry on bag that is a little smaller to give you a bit more wiggle room when fitting your luggage in an overhead compartment.

If you opt for carry on luggage with wheels make sure that they conform to the size requirements of the airline, also make sure that side pouches don’t impede fitting your bag into an overhead compartment.

It is important to do your packing prep work ahead of time and to make a list and save it for your favorite destinations. In terms of what to pack, it is always best to pack dark colors and to plan on doing a little laundry. Consider what you need to wear for planned excursions and think about packing clothes with two or more purposes. You can use layers to change your look and add a bright scarf to dress up an outfit.

If you opt to travel with just a carry on bag it is a good idea to pay the airline an extra fee to pre-board.  These days fewer bags are being checked and many passengers are traveling with just carry on luggage. The result of this is that overhead bins are filling up faster than ever.  Early bird check-in and boarding will allow you to snag that coveted overhead bin space before it fills up!