Travel Tips - How To Choose The Best Seat On A Motor-coach!

How to Choose the Best Seat on a Motor-coach!

Traveling with a group in a motor-coach is fun and entertaining. Sometimes getting to your destination is half the fun - especially when traveling with old friends or making new ones! There are a few tried and true techniques to snagging the best seat on the motor-coach to make the time fly by.  Although everyone has their own preferences, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Picking a Motor-coach Seat
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  1. Aisle or Window

    Some folks love to gaze out the window, others like to stretch out a bit more by taking an aisle seat. Your leg room and bathroom access is limited if you choose the fine view of a window seat. If you choose the aisle, not only will you have more legroom, but you can get up and down as much as you please. The drawback to an aisle seat is that you could get bumped into by passengers walking by.
  2. View of the Screen

    If you enjoy watching movies while you travel and your motor-coach is equipped with a large screen monitor, be sure to snag a seat with a good view of the screen.
  3. The Restroom

    Depending on the length of your journey, take note where the restroom is. Being somewhat close can be helpful, but you also run the risk of being bumped by passengers waiting to use it.
  4. The Sun

    When you get on the motor-coach, if it doesn’t have shades or tinted windows, figure out which side of the bus the sun will be on during your journey. If you don’t want the sun beating down on you, sit on the other side!
  5. Last Minute

    If the bus isn’t full, ask your tour director if you can change your seat.

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