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All About The Guided Tour Experience

Daily Experience                                                               

It’s all in the details. Our Tour Directors are constantly working behind the scenes to ensure every moment matters. Hotel check-ins, porterage, meals and all our other tour inclusions are coordinated so everything runs right on time. Not only will your experience be seamless, but we promise you top-of-the-line accommodations, restaurants, and even more exclusive ways to witness first-hand the must-see sights of each and every area!

Professional & Passionate

Each of our Tours of Distinction Tour Directors has over 20 years of experience. They know how to make each tour safe, fun and inclusive. Sit back and relax - you are in good hands!

Tour Director Marina Haksteen’s Interview


Been there and done that. Our Tour Directors know the road, and what works to really make each trip extra special and memorable. Their local knowledge of special sights, sounds and smells make every moment fun and the journey smooth.            

Local Guides

At times, our Tour Directors enlist the assistance of local guides in order to give our clients a more in-depth and authentic experience. Local guides are thoughtfully chosen for their insider’s knowledge of local customs and traditions that gives visitors a glimpse of how life is really lived. 

Time and Money

Your time and money are valuable! Guided travel offers you the unique value of saving precious time. Don’t spend even a minute stressing over every aspect of your getaway, such as missing flights, the best attractions and incredible cuisine. Instead, we plan out every detail so you never have to think twice about your vacation running smoothly. 

Get the most out of your travel experience traveling at the right time of year and getting the best experiences with the best people. We know the perfect time of the year to visit each of our unique locations around the world, for the very best value. Plus, our tour vacation packages are fully inclusive.

Small Groups

There are so many rewards to small group travel, which is the reason why Tours of Distinction specializes in this type of travel experience. As a general rule of thumb, small group travel means that group sizes are limited and normally do not include more than twenty people.

New Friends
One of the basic advantages to small group travel is that you will visit a destination with like-minded travelers. Traveling with people and sharing interests as well as experiences often bond travelers together. Small group travel is not only sharing life-changing experiences with others, but you also come away with fabulous memories and new friends!

Just Enjoy
Another perk of small group travel is that you get a more in-depth look at a destination without the logistical hassles of traveling completely on your own. In short, with a small group, you are able to enjoy more time experiencing a destination rather than organizing and haggling when in it.

Authentic Experiences
Much of the time, small group itineraries offer more authentic off the beaten path experiences that you would not find on your own. Special local guides take you into the heart of a destination allowing you to see more with the added benefit of sharing the delights of the adventure with like-minded others.

More Personalized
An experienced guide often makes a destination come alive by providing first hand, on the spot travel experience, knowledge and stories. Small group travel is more personalized and will make you feel more like a traveler and less like a tourist.

If safety is on your mind, when traveling with a small group you are most likely less likely to be blend-in with the local atmosphere. Plus, it is much easier for our Tour Directors to get know everyone. 

We have partnered with the World Travel and Tourism Council with our Ready, Set Travel campaign highlighting our new safety policies and hygiene guidelines.

Economically small group travel is an excellent value for your money. In addition to the non-tangible benefits of a small group, on a Tours of Distinction tour the cost is calculated up front so once you have paid for your trip, all you need to bring along is some spending money for personal items and souvenirs.

If you are concerned about the environmental footprint, small group travel is structured to leave a lighter footprint on a destination. For example, traveling in a group leaves a much lighter carbon footprint than if each person in the group hired an individual car. A small group also offer the added benefit of utilizing more local restaurants, guides, and hotels giving a little more back to the community we are visiting.

Tours of Distinction offers small group tours nationally and internationally.

Distinctively Planned & Guided by Professionals

Tours of Distinction offers a wide variety of tours from domestic day trips and multi-day trips to international tours and cruises. Our groups are small enough to make you feel like you are discovering a destination on your own and yet social enough to create a great convivial vibe of like minded people. Our tours strive to strike the right balance between planned activities and free time, after all, we don’t want to cramp your style, we want you to have fun and improvise too! Your dream trip is just a click or phone call – 1-800-426-4324 away.

Land Tours

Whether your sights are set on a small group tour to Ireland or Thailand, or an exploration of Southern California, let us handle all the details of your next vacation. Wander rustic Newfoundland, see the colors of Japan, and so many more unique destinations you just can’t miss in this lifetime. The best part? No need to plan anything yourself, just show up! Enjoy wandering different parts of the globe and exploring every local sight to be seen. Some may even include the Wonders of the Natural World!

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Multi-Day Tours

Delighted by imagining an excursion back in time to Mackinac Island or a journey down South to experience a classic Myrtle Beach and Charleston coastal getaway? Or, you can partake in winter festivities during Niagara Falls’ Holiday Festival of Lights or Quebec City’s Winter Carnival. While you are there, tell Bonhomme we said hello! He is the mascot of this famous winter carnival, and just one of the many friendly faces you can expect to see in your travels on a multi-day tour!

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Day Tours

Celebrate American heritage on a day tour to Plimouth Plantation, or your ardency for delicious cuisine on a voyage to Boston’s Little Italy. Sail away on a lobster cruise to feast on fresh seafood or along the coast of picturesque Long Island Sound. Or perhaps, enjoy a wine tasting or history-themed tour! We truly offer it all, from beautiful tours of botanical gardens and museums to luncheon cruises, and even an exclusive Mystery Trip!

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Escorted Ocean & River Cruises

Cruise the Seine to Normandy, the rugged coastline of Canada, or the dazzling azure waters of the Caribbean. Or, finally check Hawaii off your bucket list with ports of call in Honolulu, Maui, The Big Island, and more. Whatever your dream destination may be, your dollar goes further with unique cruises curated by Tours of Distinction. Each of our cruises include visits to many ports of call, which each offer beautiful and unique places to eat, shop, and explore!

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